About Us

A Snapshot From Our Founder & CEO

As a veteran entrepreneur who knows the hustle of running multiple businesses, I quickly realized that I constantly needed to be everywhere online all the time.  Trying to balance it all and facing burnout led me to create Socialscape—my secret weapon to being everywhere without losing my sanity. Now, my brands, as well as my clients’ businesses, grow their audience and increase their revenue on autopilot!

  • Ashleigh Jessica Taylor

  • Founder & CEO, Socialscape

The Socialscape Story

The Idea

Nestled in Florida with a tight-knit global team, Socialscape was born in 2023 under the guidance of Ashleigh Jessica Taylor, a seasoned entrepreneur with a decade of B2B and B2C expertise. Ashleigh is the brain behind a unique software gem called Socialscape. 

In the whirlwind of social media chaos—freeware, platforms, mergers, widgets, apps, specialists, consultants, visionaries, and hourly tech innovations—Socialscape emerges as a beacon. We cut through the clutter, simplifying the delivery of clear, effective messages to specific audiences across top social networks like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and YouTube.

The Idea

Socialscape's Mission

Picture Socialscape as the superhero of social analytics, swooping in to rescue businesses and brands aiming to build and sustain vibrant social communities while automating countless mundane tasks.

Our mission? To liberate you and your social media team from the shackles of daily grind, allowing them to channel their energy into more strategic endeavors-escaping the social media struggle. It’s a game-changer for entrepreneurs, creatives, and companies of all sizes, including advertising, marketing services, and PR agencies.

Your Social Media Escape

Our secret sauce for better social results? Years of founder experience running CEO Creatives, the #1 Business and Creative Center which helps people turn their ideas into profitable businesses and brands.  Because of Ashleigh’s expertise and a keen understanding of why many social campaigns falter— we developed a tool that focuses on automating all of the important minute tasks because the devil is in the details.

Socialscape swoops in with an impressive workflow, saving you time and money while amplifying your reach and results. It’s not just software; it’s a strategic ally in your social media journey and your escape from your social media struggle.

Your Social Media Escape

Escape The Viscous Social Media Cycle

Escape The Viscous
Social Media Cycle

Build Your Business and Go Your Brand On Autopilot